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Two Solitary Bee Homes - Hand Made

Two Solitary Bee Homes - Hand Made


Made from re-purposed Wood


    This product cannot be refunded or returned.


    This product may take up to 2 weeks to ship out.


    This is a hand made product from re-purposed wood. The package comes with 2 bee homes.

    HOW SOLITARY BEES NEST: The female deposits eggs in the tubular holes in the wood. The bee will seal each egg typically with mud and saliva to form a waterproof cacoon with layers of pollen loaf for after the egg hatches into a larva to eat as food. The larva will contiue to eat unitl spring and begin to pupate and form into a a full grown bee. Male bees typically emarge first to wait for the females so they can mate and fertilize the females so the cycle can start again.

  • Installation

    Simply place the Bee home on your fence or on a stake. Use the holes located on each side of the wooden backing plate. Make sure the bee home holes are facing SW.

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