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1 lb. Wild Flower Pollinator Mix

1 lb. Wild Flower Pollinator Mix



Contains small amounts of slow-release organic fertilizers (2-2-2) to help the flowers bloom strong, and a mulch to keep the geminating seeds moist along with some Mycorrhizae and Ectomycorrhizae. The reason for so much seed types is for diversity and to increase the chances you will get something to bloom despite soil type and human error.


43 Potential Blooms

Tall Blue Corn Flower-Blue Flax-Siberian Wall Flower-Annual Candytuft-Blanket Flower-Perennial Lupine-Sulpher ‘Bright Lights’ Cosmos-Orange California, Poppy-Crimson Clover-Beauty Pacific Calendula-Annual Baby’s Breath-Blanket Indian-Corn Mixed Poppy-Prairie Cone Flower-Love Lies Bleeding-Plain Coreopsis-Tall Mixed Centaurea-Nasturium’ Jewel Mix-Bigleaf-Lupine-Lanced Leaved Coreopsis-Tall Spurred ‘Northern Lights’ Snapdragon-Five Spot Globe Gilia-Black Eyed Susan-Clarkia-Flax Scarlet-Tall white Sweet Alyssum-Pheasant’s Eye-Pot Marigold-Chinese Houses-Dwarf Morning Glory-Larkspur-Silene-Caliopsis-Sensation Cosmos-Annual Forget Me Not-Lavatera-Baby Snapdragon-Virgina Stock-Baby Blue Eyes-Flander Poppy-Annual Snapwort.



  • Open your favorite beverage and drink it
  • Apply early spring in Sun/Shade area
  • Loosen Soil and remove plant debris
  • Apply mixture 1oz per 8 sqr ft
  • Gently mix seeds 1/8 inch into soil
  • Water gently-make sure soil never gets too dry but not sopping
  • Now Wait for it to grow; results may vary depending on climate and location
  • Add Phosphorus rich fertilizer in late spring if desired, but not required
  • Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy your gardening
  • Coverage

    1oz of mix covers 8 spr ft. Package contains 16oz or 1 lb. This covers 128 sqr ft.

  • Refunds

    This procdut cannot be refunded

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