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Pollination Service For Farmers and Gardeners

A developing program to get the yield farmers and gardeners need, while helping the environment through knowledge and implementation.

We do all the research and implementation so you don't have too.

Call, Text or Email us to schedule a free onsite consultation to see how you can have increased yields potentially without the need for honeybees or insecticides.

*The services available are still in development and will change from time to time. However, the core plan will not change. That is, to produce more food with less insecticides and less monocultures and harm to the environment.

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What We Provide

All Inclusive Pollination Program 

All the services combined into one

Service provides your unused farmland with continuing floral resources, places for the bees to nest, reproduce, and overwinter. This also includes the addition of beneficial wasps for pest control.

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Wildflower Sowing

Plant food for your wild bees, so they feed you

Many species of bee need a variety of flowers all season long. This service ensures they have that on your farm. So you can have a variety of bees for the whole season pollinating your crops.


Resource Installation for Nesting

Make homes for the bees

A service to install nesting places for bees in your unused farmland. This way, the wild bees have a place to live as they forage your crop giving you better yield.


Live Bumble Bee Installation

Live native bumble bees

Sometimes bumble bee populations can be low in an area. So, providing live, native and local Bumble Bees is beneficial. They are in a box and will be delivered to your farm or garden and placed in the optimal location.


Live Solitary Bee Installation

Live, native and local solitary bees

If solitary bee populations are low. Sometimes its beneficial to give it a boost by adding live ones.


Beneficial Wasp Houses

Control pests organically with wasps

There are a variety of wasps in our world. They serve a great purpose; protecting our plants from pests. We install beneficial wasp houses to keep your crop pests minimized.

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