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Bumble Bee Relocation Program

What is It

Bumble Bees are truly in decline. The main reason for this is habitat loss, meaning no places for them to forage and nest safely. They need places to thrive without them being under threat of destruction. Hundreds, if not thousands of Bumble Bee nests in Washington State are destroyed, due to the lack of education and the help for relocation services. The bees sometimes nest in awkward locations; such as under sheds, in bird houses, and in attics where humans come into contact with them and get stung. Therefore, the nest is destroyed. Most people don't want to have the bees killed, but their financial situation cannot afford someone to relocate them or they don't know such services even exist. So, they end up killing them out of need.

A plan is needed to prevent all these precious nests from being destroyed. You can help!

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How It Works

The Process

The process is simple. Lets say you have a Bumble Bee nest in a place that is inconvenient, such as in an attic space, shed, pump house, etc. Each nest is relocated on a bee sanctuary for research and data collection. Each nest saved and recoded is compiled into a format usable for future projects to ascertain the health of a species. Eventually, when we hit our goal, each nest acquired will be used where needed, such as farms and gardens. But only near the area they came from, so to keep pests and disease down.

Why free?

Because we want as many people as possible to not kill their bumble bee nests, so we offer it for free.

How is it funded?

We are working to get grant funding. Currently though, we need donations! Without them, we couldn't offer free relocations. So, our data would not 'bee' complete. Also, if our funding goal is continually met, we can implement more procedures, such as nest tagging for non-relocated nests, pollen testing, DNA testing, and much more!

Make a donation

To continue to offer free relocations to the public. Donations are necessary. The most helpful type of donation is monthly. Every dollar helps. For example, if 1,000 people donated 1 dollar every month, that would give the project $1,000 a month! With donations like those, we could hire more help to expand our service area. Either way, thank you for any amount you can give.


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