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Whether you have a home you to want protected or a commercial property, we are here to help.

We are a local company based out of Granite Falls, WA. We specialize in controlling stinging insects for Snohomish County and parts of Skagit. Our approach is environmentally safe; Synthetic pesticides are virtually never needed, and our technique will never harm non target Animals. The wasps we collect are used in medical treatment for people with severe allergic reactions to wasp venom. Our unique method has been proven time and again and is used by many natural resource agencies. Even the State of Washington utilizes some of the  same methods.

About Us And Our Mission

Our mission is to establish new technologies that don't rely solely on pesticides.

Rather, we utilize other techniques unique in the industry. These techniques include Heating, Steaming, Freezing, Drying, Vacuuming, Thermal Imaging, Carbon Dioxide, drone technology, and educating our customers to help them understand preventive approaches to protect their home.

We also collect Stinging Insects for Venom Therapy Labs for people with severe allergic reactions to Wasp and Bee venom. If we were to use Chemicals, the specimens would be rendered useless and could not be used.

Furthermore, The Pest Control industry is a vital part of our community and provides essential services to the general public. Unfortunately this great work has at times been smeared and misrepresented by businesses that put money and profit ahead of safety of the environment and people. True pest control is not about killing what bothers us, but rather finding balance between nature and our human lives.

"Thank you so much for your expertise and quick removal of the wasp nest on our property! Such a relief to have them gone! We appreciate your kind demeanor, professionalism and educating us on prevention and the whole process in general! I will be highly recommending your company to all! Thank you very much!!"

Alex and Kimberly M.
Camano Island, WA

"After getting stung 3 times in one week, it was a must we call the wasp boy out. We had an underground wasp nest on the fence line on the side of the house and Alex came out and took care of the problem giving us piece of mind which to us is priceless. He was knowledgeable, professional, and down to earth. We will definitely be referring Wasp Away to our friends and neighbors. Joe and Adriana from Arlington"

Joe and Adriana Ellison
Arlington, WA

Hours of operation

Monday - Friday: 8am - 6pm

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